Mystical Fire is a small packet of powder that changes the colour of the flames in our Firepits to blue, orange, red or even green. Lasting up to an hour, Mystical Fire Powder will dazzle and amaze viewers as the colourful fire sets the mood.

Just throw a packet of Mystical Fire onto a wood burning fire and watch the colours dance and glow, a great treat for bonfire night or just to make your firelight a little more interesting at home.
A unique way to enjoy a brilliant display of colourful flames on wood burning fires.
Throw 1 - 3 packets onto the fire and watch the colourful flames dance.
No need to open the packet, simply throw it onto the fire!
Size(packet): 10.5cm x 6cm x 1cm.
Weight: 25g (0.882 ounces).

Change your dull everyday yellow fire into a colourful display of mysticism!

Safety first! Never leave a lit fire unattended. Do not open the packet - throw directly onto the fire.


  • PACK OF 5
  • PACK OF 10
  • PACK OF 20