A Unique 900mm Garden Fire Bowl.

Chalice Fire Bowl Designed and Manufactured by Fire Pits Of London.

Throughout time man has been inexplicably drawn to flames. Fire Pits of London design and manufacture high-quality outdoor steel fire pits that look great day or night. We offer a complete range of designer fire bowls and fire spheres to enhance any outdoor space and create an amazing focal point with or without flames!

The unique base design provides a safe, free standing masterpiece that can be positioned on any non-combustible flat surface. Furthermore, you have the ability to pave over the base plate to create the illusion of a floating sculpture just above the surface.

A Work of Art with or without flames.

This dramatic fire sphere is a powerful addition to any garden and looks great with or without flames. Fabulous for enjoying good company amidst the glow and warmth whilst lit, while equally a stunning sculpture to be admired throughout the day when the flames have subsided. The Chalice Fire Pit is perfect for a family outdoor get together on a cold winters evening or a chilly English summers eve.

Chalice Fire Bowls are unique statement pieces which create a dramatic ambiance, providing an unusual topic of conversation for any get-together. There is nothing quite like the hypnotic dance of real flames to mesmerize your guests and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Handmade Sculptures.

Each fire pit is handcrafted using 8mm mild steel which quickly develops a warm rustic iron oxide patina that blends in well with any garden setting. Within the base there is a small rain drain to prevent water collecting, keeping it dry and ready for use at all times. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, the fireballs disperse heat in all directions to offer every guest some warmth.

Each creation comes with an all weather cover to keep it warm when it’s not in use.


Diameter – 915mm

Base Diameter = 300mm

Base Height = 250mm

Steel Thickness = 8mm